4 Passive Ways to Advertise Your Online Shop

4 Passive Ways to Advertise Your Online Shop by Danielle Spurge of the Merriweather Council on aftcra handmade shop advice

I’m sure you’ve read lots of information about how to advertise your online shop. There’s lots to think about and people are always coming up with clever ways to promote their products.

But we hear less about the standard, basic, passive ways to inform people about our work. Here are a few super simple and smart ways to passively generate more traffic to your shop and inform more people about what you do.


Email signature link
I love email signatures because they inform people of your pertinent info without any of the awkwardness. You decide what it should say – and where it should link – and plug it in once. With the volume of emails you’re likely sending for both personal and business reasons, not having an email signature that links to your shop is a missed opportunity.


Facebook cover photo + profile picture caption link
Facebook pages are garnering less and less organic engagement. The situation with getting people to like your Facebook page hasn’t changed much – but since that liker will most likely not see a majority of your unbolted posts, it’s important to make that first experience on your page a powerful one. Use the caption areas on your profile and cover images to introduce yourself and your business. Make your cover image clear, bright and branded – and leave a link to your shop. While you can leave links to your shop in other places on the page standard, we know people love to flip through photos.


While blogging is in fact a decent amount of work compared to the other items on this list, it becomes passive in the sense that once it is there, it continues to work for you. Blogging is great for educating and informing your customers, but it is also great for generating traffic to your site. Blog posts tend bring in a lot of traffic from search so it is a good idea to write posts about your products every now and then that are highly focused on a particular key phrase. Of course you want to include links within the post to purchase the item that’s being discussed. These posts can continue to generate traffic for you even once they are a few months old or more.


Pinned tweet
If you use twitter, log in from your desktop and compose a tweet that directs people to your shop. Once the tweet is published, you can toggle the “…” and select “pin to your profile page.” It’ll show as the first tweet anytime someone views your profile, no matter what else you tweet, it will remain at the top!


What do you think? Smart and simple right?


About the Author, Danielle Spurge of Merriweather Council:
Danielle Spurge of Merriweather Council on aftcra - 4 passive ways to advertise your online shop

Danielle is a crafter, blogger and crafty business consultant. She empowers creatives to share their work with confidence, optimize their handmade shops + leverage their creations. More info can be found at the merriweathercouncil blog.