Do You Love Your Work?

CNN iReport: From Hobby to Job

The “Made in America” movement is gaining traction every day. This past week we were introduced to CNN’s “From Hobby to Job”, a special report focused on individuals who turned their life’s passion into their full-time job. Whether you’re a woodworker, a sewer, or any kind of artisan, people want to hear your story and get to know more about you and your talent. After having the chance to meet so many of our fine handmade sellers, and get introduced to many incredibly talented craftsmen, we wanted to share this opportunity with you.

If you’re one of those Americans who has found themselves working their dream job with their dream boss (ahem … you!), be sure to visit the page below and upload your personal story to get featured on CNN. And remember that the team at aftcra will be here rootin’ for you!

Upload your personal story here: 

Good luck!

What Do You Love?

Woodworking ToolsWe all have something that gets us excited – whether it’s sealing a deal, getting lost in a hobby, admiring something beautiful, or creating something of your own.

I purchased a house last year with my husband and have spent many long nights and weekends to make it our “home”. What I’ve learned about myself with our new house is something that I’ve neglected for years: I love making things. Whether it’s painting a room, making some artwork, or arranging a collage, I love it. It’s sad that I’ve convinced myself into believing that I’m “too busy” to make time for this for so many years.

To me, this activity is an outlet. It’s the only time where my mind is completely clear, and I’m 100% focused on what my hands are doing. I find myself losing track of time. But each moment I am enjoying what I am working on. And once I’ve completed the project, I love the feeling of standing back and seeing what I can accomplish.

I’ve made a conscious decision that I have to find ways to indulge my creative side. So my goal for 2013 is to take a stab at something I’ve never done before: woodworking. I’ve always been completely enamored by handmade wooden sculptures, tables and artwork. Now it’s my time to figure out what I want to make and then how I’m going to make it. Send me some good juju that I won’t lose a finger in the process.

So, what do you love to do? What activity makes you completely lose yourself?


Co-Founder of aftcra