Get to Know Aeolidia, Marketing Geniuses for Your Handmade Shop

Get to Know Aeolidia, Marketing Geniuses for Your Handmade Shop 08


If you’re in need of a business logo, or are struggling to find the inspiration for your product packaging, we’d love to introduce you to Aeolidia. Aeolidia is a group of creatives on a mission to help other creatives with their marketing initiatives. All small businesses need help from time to time to help create or enhance the brand for their business. And Aeolidia has a special place in their heart for handmade businesses – when they first started their marketing organization the Aeolidia team focused on handmade shops. We have heard nothing but rave reviews from shops that have had great success with Aeolidia, so we strongly suggest you check them out.

Want to know more? You can read our fun interview with Aeolidia‘s Captain and Founder, Arianne Foulkes, below. You can also sign up for their newsletter which is chock-full of interesting marketing tips and hints to improve your business.

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1. What is Aeolidia and how was it created? What was the inspiration for Aeolidia?

Aeolidia is fun and friendly place to work with expert-type people on your creative small business. Mostly to develop a web presence, but for all the other bits and bobs that support that goal. We are professional, punctual, and client-oriented. We are deeply invested in each client’s progress and success.

We only work for creative, product-based businesses, and we like things that are unique, well-designed, and full of the maker’s personality.


2. What services does Aeolidia provide?

The core of our business is in brand identity (logos, business stationery, marketing materials, product packaging and display), and custom ecommerce web design. Our design work is unique to each client and meant to appeal to their particular customer. We don’t cut corners, and our work is transformative. When a project is done, our client has everything they need to move forward confidently.

I found out early on that there are a lot of things to cover when you’re building a transformative website for a business. The website itself won’t work if the content isn’t stellar as well. To support that need, we also have a copywriter, a product stylist and photographer, a marketing consultant, and a trademark lawyer.

Examples of our work are:

Logo Example:

aheirloom-logo-615x300 Aeolidia







Packaging Example:

Little Hip Squeaks Packaging Aeolidia








Photography Example:

sea-urchin-feature-830x500 Aeolidia









3. How did you come up with the name for Aeolidia?

Aeolidia is the scientific (Latin) name of the shaggy mouse nudibranch, a lovely little sea slug. I studied marine biology in college, just for fun. There is no magical brand story that explains what a sea slug has to do with a web design company (why is a raven like a writing desk?). I just like it!


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4. Who all works for Aeolidia?

We are a team of about twenty, and we are growing a little bit in 2016 so we can take on more projects. Aeolidians love and believe in small business, and we’re dedicated to discovering each new business’ unique story, and helping them tell that story more effectively to their audience.



5. What are some of your favorite projects that you have worked on?

I’ve found that my favorite projects are less about the work we have done and more about the hard work I see our client putting in. When we’re working in tandem with a client who completely understands the unique value their business has, who exactly their target customer is, and can pull that all together into content and a marketing message that people adore, we know our work is going to help them shine. Launching a new site for a client who knows how to run with it and use it as a tool to promote themselves and create sales is a thrill!

Some standout clients include these hard workers:

Mapamundi Kids

June and January

Shop Sweet Lulu



6. Do you do a lot of work for handmade businesses? If so, what kind of work have you done?

Yes, we used to only work with handmade businesses! We started out in that niche more than ten years ago, right before Etsy came on the scene. We have grown up along with these crafters and makers, and have learned so much.

Now our work has evolved so that we work best with businesses that started small and are experiencing growing pains and are ready to take things to the next level. We’re the right choice if you have a great product and a growing customer base, but feel held back from reaching the next step for your business. Our area of expertise is with businesses at the tipping point who want a push away from their DIY efforts and over to where they can make much bigger sales. Think Shark Tank, Oprah, Martha Stewart features. We like to prepare these small biz achievers for whoever may knock at their door.


7. Do you have any new projects that you would like to explore in the future?

Always! What we’re doing right now internally is perfecting and honing our core business so that we can create these transformations for our clients even more creatively, efficiently, and enjoyably. Hearing from potential new clients is one of the best parts of my day and it’s always fun to see who shows up and what we can do for them.


8. What are your social media profiles?

The best place to find out what’s going on and to keep in touch with us is our newsletter, which you can learn more about, and subscribe to here.

Subscribers get access to my 45 minute video presentation about branding which will explain to you why things seem so easy for others, and you can’t get any traction. This was previously only available to attendees of the Maker Mentors conference, but they’ve graciously given me permission to share it for free to my subscribers. In addition to that, I’ve built up a solid list of “how to” worksheets and downloadable PDFs that help you make decisions and improve your business.

Our Facebook group has been very busy and we’ve been hosting Q&A sessions with expert guests on everything from product pricing to getting new wholesale clients. That group is here.

– Also, lovely sneak peeks on Instagram.

– Tips, examples, and gorgeous products on Pinterest.

– Come say hi to me on Twitter.

Still want to know more about Aeolidia? Visit their Aeolidia site and take a look at all of the amazing marketing genius happening over there.