Summer Must-Have: Wine Barrel Adirondack Chairs

Picture this… you’re sitting in your backyard on a breezy day. The sun is out but you’re seeking refuge in a shaded area. You have a little picnic set-up with some fine cheeses (brie, gouda, and fancy cheddars), you’ve uncorked a bottle of your favorite wine, and the light scent of flowers wafts through the air …

This sounds like your summer heaven, right? (Sounds like mine, at least)

This summer dream could be made into reality with these incredible, beautifully hand-crafted wine barrel adirondack chairs. These wine barrel adirondack chairs are naturally stained by wine since they were salvaged from wine barrels used by wineries in California. Not only are they actually comfortable (Wine Barrel Products went through several rounds to come up with the perfect lumbar support), they are the stand-out yard furniture that’ll make your neighbors green with envy. Every wine barrel adirondack chair will have similar elements, but since they are handmade they will have the unique accents to prove they are one-of-a-kind.

Wine Barrel Adirondack Chairs

Each of these wine barrel adirondack chairs comes equipped with a built-in wine glass holder on the armrest, so you (or your guests) can sip in style and leisure. Grab one of these chairs before they’re sold out, or before your neighbor beats you to it!

And, did we mention, these are handmade by the artisan Wine Barrel Products and American made in California? That means you’d be supporting a local artisan by purchasing this quality product. To learn more about Wine Barrel Products, Sean Murray (the artist) and how he draws inspiration for these wine barrel adirondack chairs, visit his aftcra Artist Meet ‘n Greet.

Wine Barrel Adirondack Chairs

Product Details:

Wine Barrel Adirondack Chair

$329.00 ($65.00 USD for shipping)

Handmade in Pacheco, CA

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