Welcome aftcra Guest Blogger: Danielle Spurge of The Merriweather Council

The Merriweather Council Handmade Shop Business Advice - Intro to Danielle Spurge

The aftcra team would like to extend a warm welcome to Danielle Spurge of The Merriweather Council as an aftcra guest blogger. Danielle will be joining the aftcra blog monthly to provide sellers with advice for their handmade shop. Before she starts whipping out her best practices, tips and tricks we want you all to get know Danielle, gain a little insight into her experience with handmade, and understand her passion for makers.

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The Merriweather Council was established in 2010 after my post college plans fell through at the very last minute, about two days before graduation. For five years The Merriweather Council focused on providing high quality custom hand embroidery. As my business grew, other makers would reach out to me for advice and I found that I loved chatting shop and strategy with others. In late 2014 I set out a plan for the new year that would allow for me to shift my focus from making products to supporting other makers. After five years of working alone, I really wanted to explore the things I had spent much less time on but loved just as much. My goal for this year is to empower creatives to share their work with confidence and the educate handmade shop owners on how to leverage and prosper.

Makers in business are a very cool and intrepid group, and they don’t have time to waste. I aim to provide clarity and insights from my five years of experience to help handmakers get more out of the work they are already doing -and have done- so they can spend more time doing the work they love.

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I have five years of experience selling crafts online. I’ve worked with national and international print and online publications, news media, bloggers and other influencers. My products have been sold wholesale, retail and on consignment as well as directly at shows across the country.

My approach to consulting is to provide clients with insights as well as viable personalized steps and solutions as well as tried and true tactics.

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Look forward to Danielle’s first post in July! In the meantime, you can connect with The Merriweather Council on the following social outlets, or send her an email.


Let’s welcome Danielle!


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