A Gift For Him on Fathers Day: Personalized Cufflinks

Is he a fan of packing up his duffle bag and heading out on an adventure? Is he passionate about a certain location – maybe a lake home, a conquered mountain, or a place of nostalgia? Does he like to add a bit of his own flair to his more dressy outfits? Then we think these unique, personalized cufflinks might be a perfect gift for him this Father’s Day.

Let’s say the latitude and longitude stamp aren’t quite up your alley. Make these personalized cufflinks special to him. The American artist behind this piece – Tiny Tokens Designs – can hand-stamp a classic monogram, name or phrase that he’ll better relate to. Or, include a private note, motivational quote or song lyric. This will help to make your pair of personalized cufflinks as personal and special as possible. Guaranteed to be a gift for him that’ll wow!

A Gift For Him on Fathers Day: Personalized Cufflinks

These personalized cufflinks are the true statement piece. They are made of solid bronze and hand-stamped with the latitude and longitude of your choice. You can also choose to have a brushed (like the version in these photos) or a shiny finish. These are beautifully finished with rich texture, and an heirloom piece that can be handed down from one generation to the next.

A Gift For Him on Fathers Day: Personalized Cufflinks

So get your hands on these personalized cufflinks to make the celebration for him that much more special. These would be great as an anniversary gift, wedding gift, something for the groomsmen, or a birthday. We promise that he’ll adore them!

Product Details:

Longitude and Latitude Bronze Personalized Cufflinks

$66.00 ($9.00 USD for shipping)

Handmade in San Francisco, CA

Order here: http://aftcra.com/item/2230

*Email the seller with any custom details at tinytokensdesigns@yahoo.com.



aftcra Artist Meet and Greet: Cufflinks + Cowboy Boots


Cufflinks and Cowboy Boots Interview

















We are Cufflinks + Cowboy Boots, and we create Laser Cut Cufflinks (as you might expect!), as well as Laser Cut Wall Clocks since 2011. We are located in San Francisco, CA.

I do almost all my work on my computer; most of our work is really design work, if you think about it.  I do all my design work in Illustrator, and then hand it off to my fabrication partner, who’se machine interprets my lines to tell the system whether to cut or engrave the wood or acrylic pieces!

It’s actually REALLY cool for someone “born digital” to see work I do on the computer screen come out (via UPS) in physical!

Cufflinks and Cowboy Boots Screen Shot

I am a technology hobbyist, who fell into this particular setup in a strange way.  I have always loved computers (which is why my undergrad is in Philosophy… of course! 🙂 ), but I love the control I have digitally as opposed to with my hands.

So when we used to do home renovation / furniture placement / remodeling, I was drafted as the designated 3D modeler using Google Sketchup.  One day, when reading forums on how to do something I didn’t know how to do, I discovered a site that would 3D print my Google Sketchup designs!  That didn’t work as I expected; but they had Laser Cutting too….and once I taught myself Adobe Illustrator, there was no turning back.

Cufflinks and Cowboys Office

Often, idea’s come to me while doing other things.  Like the original idea for cufflinks (which started with leather, then bamboo, before I settled on the walnut I do most of my work out of).  Other ideas are responses to requests.  The very first state I ever made was in response to a custom request for a guy who wanted matching Ohio cufflinks for his wedding.  That lead to selling more states; then a Sale on FAB.com, and more!

Eames Herman Miller Chair

Eames Herman Miller Chair

I love mid-century modern architecture and furniture.  Frey, Herman Miller (the Eames Chair is one of my favorites), and Jacobsen (love the Egg Chair).  These folks were able to create complex structures, with clean and simple lines that make a user feel good.  I love that.

Cufflinks + Cowboy Boots provides some some small business advice:

Do what you love with Cufflinks and Cowboy Boots
















Do what you love!  I always really enjoy my work, and rarely, if ever, do I lament having to do something related to Cufflinks + Cowboy Boots.  That’s a really nice gift.

Check out their work at Cufflinks + Cowboy Boots.