Creating your own destiny… Crafting your future with your own hands

Forget, for just a moment, the headlines that you have heard on a daily basis seemingly for the last ten or so years. I don’t know about you, but I’ve grown tired of being a spectator of the demise of just about everything. Is there hardship out there? Sure there is. Times are tough, people are hurting, and to be frank it isn’t a whole lot of fun. But the way I calculate it, if you live to be 100, every year that passes is 1% of your life. Don’t let a few tough years stop you from doing something. I’ve witnessed, as many of us have, that there are plenty of people out there taking control of their own destiny’s around the US. It’s an ever-resilient nation, which continually re-invents itself.

The best thing about crafting your future from your very own hands is that you, not some corporation, control the direction of your life and business. It’s not as if corporations are bad (they aren’t). The point of this post is that in my strong belief that, if you want a particular outcome, you ought to do it yourself. This is one reason that my family founded aftcra. We saw a unique opportunity to create a community of like-minded people that are looking to control their own destiny. The fire in your belly that comes from deciding to truly create your own future is contagious.

Over two years ago when our business was incepted, it seemed like the obstacles were constantly thrown in our direction. How on earth would we move this forward? We decided, like you should – one customer at a time! And then we took action. We began grinding weekly for progress. Today, we are on the cusp of our beta launch, and we’ve achieved a lot, but are just getting started. Our community is growing, and represents what we think is a large subset of this great population!

The fact is, time flies by. Opportunities come and go. But one thing remains very constant: the will of one to succeed is greater than any outside force. We’re just getting started here, and we’ve taken matters into our own hands. Try it anyway you can (via aftcra or not), as it’s exhilarating. Should you choose to join our community, you can expect dealing with like-minded people who have a passion for American crafted, handmade goods. Somehow I think we’re on to something…

Really looking forward to this journey,