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Let’s face it, whether we’re ready or not, the holidays are here. When we’re venturing through our local big box stores it can be very tempting to pick out all of your holiday gifts while you’re getting your groceries. It is SO easy (almost too easy). But this year I’m going to ask you to think a little differently.

Last Christmas I went on a mission to buy ONLY American handmade gifts. It took a little bit of time, and a lot of thoughtfulness, and in the end I received nothing but high praises for each and every gift that I shared with my family.

Buying handmade this holiday season means giving someone a gift that they will absolutely cherish. It’s your opportunity to give your family member something they never knew they wanted; something personal, meaningful, and long-lasting. And with every purchase you are supporting a local American maker who took their time to craft your gift. They worked your gift. They molded your gift. And most importantly, they loved making your gift.

Don’t believe me that handmade is the way to go?
Here are some quick stories about the impact a thoughtful gift can have:

1. One of my uncles is a ‘tough to find a gift for’ kind of people. Knowing that he loves golf, I had gotten him a monogrammed ball marker. Last weekend, during my Grandma’s 90th birthday party, my uncle pulled me aside and said, “I take your Christmas gift with me everywhere!” It felt good to know that I had gotten him something useful and personal.

2. My husband is always on the mission to be a cool uncle, so he always wants to get our niece and nephew something that they would really like. Finding a handmade gift for them was more challenging than I had expected, but we got them a sweet little tent that had Disney princesses on one side and Cars characters on the other. They use the tent whenever they have sleepovers with their friends. In a way, my husband and I feel like we’re still a part of their sleepovers with this gift.

3. My husband’s grandmother is always hosting family get-togethers, but always seemed to need cheese platter. I bought her a cutting board shaped like Wisconsin, with a heart for their home in Northern Wisconsin. It was such meaningful gift, and both her and her husband absolutely adored it. Unfortunately she finds it too pretty to actually use, so she has it on display in her kitchen. It feels good to know that every time she looks at it, she thinks of us.

Now, I know it’s not reasonable to say “100% of your purchases must be American made”, but try to at least spend a little chunk of your holiday funds on not only getting an incredibly unique gift, but supporting a local small business, by buying American handmade this year.

If you’re a person that supports local businesses, that believes in our makers and is passionate about the beauty that is handcrafted, then pledge to buy some American handmade goods this holiday season. You can also help raise awareness of supporting local businesses and buying from American artists and artisans by joining our Thunderclap mission:

We believe in the power of supporting local small businesses.

We believe in our local American makers.

We believe in the authenticity of handmade goods.

Erica Riegelman
President, aftcra

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