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Shop Made in the USA with aftcra - Handcrafted goods made in America

“Made in the USA” is aftcra‘s commitment – not a fad. We aren’t jumping on a trend; we are supporting our local artists and makers. When aftcra was first founded, our mission was to help support artisans around the U.S. American Makers have always been at the forefront. We want to celebrate their talent, their background, their communities and their craft. We are proud to be the only handmade marketplace representing American makers.

There’s something special about American made goods. And when a product is made in the USA by a maker there’s a certain quality to their creation. These makers create their products with pride and love. Sometimes their talent is something passed down generation to generation. Whether it’s a metalworker who forges their own handcrafted jewelry, or a maker who knits beautiful scarves, everyone has a story to share. Shopping handcrafted goods made in the USA just makes a whole lot of sense.

Shop Made in the USA with aftcra - Abraham Lincoln Quote about America

We believe in putting a spotlight on the talent of the handmakers around the USA. We’ve made it aftcra‘s mission to celebrate America’s makers. Whether you’re looking for handcrafted jewelry, American artwork, American handcrafted home decor, handmade clothing, or accessories made in America you can find it on aftcra.

2 thoughts on “Shop Made in the USA with aftcra

  1. I just opened my shop on Aftcra. LeatherAndMoreBySher. I still have my shop on Etsy but will be adding my Aftcra shop to my business card.
    A couple of questions. Does Aftcra have a way of tracking views of product?
    Will Aftcra be adding additional categories, such as Leather goods, or under Accessories Key chains? I’m not sure if you also have coin purses? Maybe even sub categories. Other than that, the Etsy CVS tool was extremely easy to use and the site is very easy to maneuver around. Thanks for this site and happy selling to everyone!

    • Hi Sherry – thank you so much for your note and we apologize for not getting back to you sooner. If you want to send us an email at we will be able to help you with all of these requests 🙂 Thanks Sherry!

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