Observing Disney World for Small Business Inspiration

Observing Disney World for Small Business Inspiration Merriweather Council Handmade Shop Advice

One of my nerdities is observing how big businesses operate… and then brainstorming how to apply those tactics and practices to small businesses, or not!

A few years ago I went to Disney World for the first time as an adult. I had been there before, as a child, and obviously the experiences were very different.

I don’t do rides, so I had a lot of time to observe while my friends were running from line to line. I also did a lot of bag-holding that trip, but that’s another story.

Here are a few of the things I noticed about Disney World – the business – that I loved and felt small business inspiration could certainly be derived from.


They have their own language

When the parks at Disney stay open late it’s called “magic hours” which I think we can all agree sounds way better than “extended hours” or “open late”… they expand their brand into every part of the experiences and the language they use is part of that. Another example: the people working behind the scenes at Disney world aren’t just employees, they are Imagineers. It’s actually brilliant. Not only does it elevate and expand the brand, it peaks our imagination and pulls us in. “What’s that?” we wonder, and explore further.


Further, the branding is seamless, and it’s literally everywhere

Any one who has been to Disney World knows this – there are Mickey Mouse ears EVERYWHERE. It’s actually a game you can play in the park – to spot all the hidden Mickeys. Everything they do is branded


They operate under the original intent, completely

Walt Disney had a vision and mission – and even though he is no longer alive, his vision lives on and his company uses his mission as a way point for all that they do. They use the original intent to provide new experiences and additions every year.


A great experience can be had at any price point

As a young adult traveling with peers to Disney World, I had a limited budget. My trip was still full of fun, “magic” and memories. My budget was not a factor – I had a wonderful time in Disney World despite my limited funding. This is because Disney offers lodging and meals at every price point all of which are branded, themed, and magic infused. There is no loss of entertainment at the lower price point!

I can see plenty of ways these tactics can be applied to any business including small, craft based businesses. How about you? Do you see any ways you can apply these to your shop and business?


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