Import Etsy Listings to aftcra Quickly

aftcra announces etsy importer

aftcra is happy to announce the launch of a new Etsy importer tool! Now you can import Etsy listings to aftcra quickly and easily without the hassle of having to upload each individual product. Phew, right?

So, how does it work? We’ve got you covered with some detail below.

Sell Handmade products on aftcra and import etsy listings



How Do I Import Etsy listings?

If you’re a registered aftcra artist with your listings already downloaded from aftcra:

1. Follow this path: Login > Manage Products.

2. On the “Manage Products” page you can choose to either upload products individually (Add a Product) or import several (Import Products from Etsy).

3. Click “Import Products from Etsy”. Select the appropriate excel file from Etsy*. Press “Import”.

Please Note: Your products are NOT published until you add each product’s shipping information and select each product’s appropriate category. This information is not available from Etsy for importing.

4. Make sure that your file is a .csv file. If you open your Etsy Import file, Microsoft Office may prompt you to “Save As” or “Open With”, with MS Excel as the default. If you open it with excel and then save it as an .xls, it will be an invalid file. You can re-save your file to a .csv.


How Do I Download Products from Etsy?

If you do not have your “Etsy Listing” file, we have included a link to an Etsy article on how to download your listings on the file selection page of the process:

Once you’ve downloaded your listings, just follow the process above to upload your products.


Re-list Your Products!

Don’t forget that re-listing your products places them prominently on the top of all listings on the product category page. Re-listing your products is easy – and it’s free!

To re-list your products: Log-in to your account and go to “Manage Products”. Under each product listed there is a blue “relist” link. Click that link.



9 thoughts on “Import Etsy Listings to aftcra Quickly

  1. Thanks so much for this info! It will hopefully make it easy to get started with aftcra! Really excited about this new marketplace that focuses on HANDMADE in America!

  2. hmmmm it seems to only work if your Etsy listings are live. I made the .csv file but it was only things that sold not the expired listings. That would mean to save time, I would have to pay the listing fees on Etsy so I could then import the items to Aftcra.

  3. I just opened an aftcra account to become a seller, soon as i list my first item, it wont let me save it because it says minimum of $10 price is required. I think thats a bummer! I guess i can’t sell here.

    • Hi Caroline – Oh no! We have suggested to those sellers who have products that are less than our $10 product listing minimum to group together listings. So, if you make handmade cards, you could sell two or three cards vs. one. I hope this helps 🙂
      – Erica, aftcra President and Co-Founder

      • Hello Erica!
        Congratulations on this venture. I’ve just taken a quick look around and like what I see, especially the view forward for craft people (the ‘ants’, now crushed by the Etsy Elephant..
        The $10 minimum Does give me some concern however, as I do bandannas which remain a popular and affordable item in the $7 and $8 range, to compliment my tshirts, camis, etc.. Not a complaint mind you, simply an observation. I still like what I see here.. Best wishes.. Charlie

    • Hi Ruby – thanks so much for the note. Users are not able to export their listings at this time. Let me know if you have any other questions! – Erica

  4. I have been on Etsy for a couple of years now and have been looking for a more HAND MADE type of a site. I just opened my shop on Aftcra and imported my product quite easily. This was a great tool which saved a lot of work retyping each ad. My shop is called, LeatherAndMoreBySher. I am very excited about selling my hand made product on Aftcra.

    One question I had. How did you come up with the name of Aftcra? What does it stand for?

    Also, I had a very difficult time getting my banner sized enough to look normal. I tried to delete and the only option I had was to change. I tried resizing and the banner still isn’t right. I also tried to eliminate my profile picture and I only had the option to change. If I can’t get the banner right then I would just use my profile picture. I sure could use your assistance on this matter.

    I have been reading several articles on line looking for a better place to sell my hand made products and ran into Aftcra. It is exciting being on a site where all products are Made In The USA. I am looking forward to an exciting adventure.

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