Etsy’s IPO and the Handmade Community

Etsys IPO and the Handmade Community














This evening the aftcra team learned about Etsy and their plans for an upcoming IPO. Etsys IPO will be a major move for the company as they become a public organization. Etsys IPO will also be a great opportunity to shine light on the growing craft marketplaces and the millions of talented artisans that make up the industry. It will also mean major changes at Etsy, which could be challenging for Etsy’s current and future artisans.

One of the biggest changes at Etsy occurred in October of 2013, when Etsy made adjustments to their handmade guidelines, permitting manufactured pieces to be sold in the marketplace alongside small crafters. This move has left many Etsy artisans frustrated with the influx of manufactured goods, crowding the marketplace, and hurting their search rankings and sales. Several Etsy sellers have stated that their 2014 holidays sales were drastically down over 2013, leaving them to consider alternative marketplaces. The decision to allow manufactured products was one to improve Etsy’s revenue, but it affected Etsy artisans detrimentally.Β At aftcra, we have made the commitment to only sell handmade items on aftcra that are made in America. We will never sell manufactured goods and regularly review products to ensure that they fit aftcra’s handmade standards.

aftcra is the newest handmade marketplace, but we are a privately-owned (and family-owned) business who ensures that our users are our number one priority. As we’ve shared in the past, the only influencers of aftcra are our American handmade community. We allow for open feedback from the aftcra community so all artisan’s and shopper’s needs are being heard and met. For any artists looking for an alternative handmade marketplace, we’d love to work with you.

Cheers to you and a truly exciting 2015.


Co-Founder and President, aftcra

26 thoughts on “Etsy’s IPO and the Handmade Community

  1. I have had 2 shops on Etsy for over a year now. The changes that have been going on have forced me into 1 shop, and have potentially set my sights on looking for a new online home for my items. I know that the changes coming to Etsy are going to be big and I am afraid that the decline in sales that I have had are going to be even bigger soon. I can’t run a business that is going to work with the way things are going now. I need to take a stand and move on!

    • My sales on Etsy have dropped again and again. Having a very hard time staying in business. If I can’t pay my fees by Sat. I may not have to worry about it. Etsy will close my shop. Have been a vendor there for 6 yrs. How do you like working with Aftcra?

  2. Just found out this is based out of Milwaukee! VERY EXCITING!!! I’m a fellow artisan jeweler from Milwaukee myself & have been looking for a new outlet other than Etsy to sell my work!

  3. I am one of the people frustrated by Etsy. Even before they officially allowed factory-made goods, there were a ton of them anyway, and now there are even more. I am intrigued by aftcra as an alternative to Etsy, but your categories (currently) seem to be even more limiting than Etsy’s. Where is a milliner to go? Outerwear? (Hats don’t fit into any of the accessories sub-groups.)

    • Hi Kristin

      Thanks for your thoughts! We are a newer company, so we add categories as we get more products to fill them. I would suggest putting your products into categories where people would shop. If you create outerwear, then I would put your goods there. If you have a specific question feel free to email us at – we’re always around to help you out.

      Thanks Kristin!

  4. I am so glad to have found Aftcra as an alternate to etsy. I am looking forward to setting up my shop as time allows. Thanks for such a nice opportunity to list items FREE. I think that is just super helpful to only have to pay the percentage when the item sells. I really appreciate what you are doing and wanted to express my gratitude. THANK YOU!

    very truly yours,

  5. My wife and I just are getting our business off the ground and set up an account with Etsy a couple months ago and have been greatly displeased by our results. After searching for some alternatives we found this wonderful website and started our shop yesterday! We’re excited to see where this will lead us and truly appreciate this website!

    – Caleb and Emily

  6. Recently opened my account. I’m another frustrated etsy convert. You made importing etsy listing so easy.
    I’ve been spreading the word about aftcra to all my facebook groups in hope of building aftcra as the new handmade go to site. It seems etsy has gotten too big for their britches. I just googled “wire wrapped stone pendant” looking for one of my items to show up. Out of all the many listings I saw several of my items. Everyone of them was linked to my aftcra shop. My etsy shop is still open and I also have a Bonanza shop, but only aftcra showed up. Thanks aftcra and here’s your success and in turn our success.

  7. I am an Etsy seller, the last 2 months have been a challenge, they are making so many changes and the manufactured products are taking over the ranking process. I am so happy to have found your market place, I just opened my site with you, please stay true to hand made and keep it simple… It’s also great that you are based out of Milwaukee, Wi… I have been doing local Flea Markets and craft shows for years in southern Wisconsin. I am hoping for a positive experience, so I am able to spread the word for you.

  8. I’ve been on Etsy for a few months and enjoyed it for the most part. However, I’m leery of the IPO and negative changes it can bring. Aftcra looks like it could be a nice new internet home for my art. Very excited πŸ˜€

  9. I am an Etsy seller who has been fortunate to have doubled sales each year since I started on the site in 2012. But I know that it is important to put a few eggs in each basket.
    In my research for another online marketplace, I have recently received more and more positive feedback on Aftcra. Today I made my move to open a 2nd shop here!
    Looking forward to watching Aftcra spread its wings!

    • Hey Kim – What an incredibly nice note! We are so excited to work with you too. We’ve experience such a surge of interest in aftcra since January and I am so excited to see what will happen next!
      – Erica, aftcra’s President and Co-Founder

  10. I’m new here to Aftcra. I have been selling my handmade bags & accessories on etsy for a few years now. I can say I am one of those sellers who’s shop continues to blossom. Etsy has allowed me to work from my home sewing studio while growing my handmade business. The time is right for me to expand my business now and I like the concept behind Aftcra. I’m looking forward to growing in this community as well. Thank you for making this platform available.

  11. Is there going to be a chance that you guys change the minimum pricing for your products? Id love to sell on your site but my items are less than $5 per set. Thanks!

    • Hi Caroline. Thanks so much for the note! We understand that our $5 minimum doesn’t work for every business, but what we would suggest doing is bundling your offerings. I hope this helps! – Erica

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