Doing Good This Holiday Season


Doing Good While Doing Well

Doing Good This Holiday Season

Over the past several years I have been fortunate to be involved with companies and organizations that really encourage community service and, because of that, it has become a part of who I am. Every year I try to lend a hand where I can, whether it’s painting a mural in a local community center or assisting in a non-profit’s book sale. It’s important to me (and our aftcra team) to spend some time helping those that are in need.

The holidays are a time where different people from a variety of backgrounds are brought together to work towards a similar mission: make someone’s holiday better than it may have been. A few weeks ago I helped the Salvation Army wrap gifts for a special program for children in need. During my time at the Salvation Army I sat back and took in the image of fifty people spending an afternoon working towards the same goal: making a child’s Christmas better. These people could have been somewhere else, but they chose to donate their time to someone they will never meet.

Over the next few weeks we all will be tapped to help support some mission, whether it’s the Salvation Army’s cheerful bell ringers, donating coats and mittens, serving dinner to the homeless or providing toys to children in need. Just know that, if you choose to support a mission, you are making your community that much better.

Cheers to a Happier Holiday Season!


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