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Mother’s Day is such a special occasion for me, now more than ever since becoming one myself. Spending time with those special women on our lives who have given so much to us unconditionally is one of the things I look forward to on this special day. For me gift giving on these particular days is more than just buying a gift: it’s about choosing something that carries a sentimental value and will be, not only useful, but also resonates with that person’s lifestyle and taste. I am so elated to share with you a few items I have absolutely fell in love with for Mother’s Day which I believe represent my views on gift giving.

As a writer for my blog, Little Ray of Light, a life and style blog, I like to find things that are not only stylish but are functional and timeless. As a new mom, I am aware that even though there are new trends to try out every season , sticking to my classic and effortless pieces (be it in clothing, beauty products, etc.) are what really work for me and my everyday style. Running after a toddler is no joke!

Here are my top Mother’s Day gifts:


Mothers Day Gifts - Teardrop salmon drop earrings

1. Teardrop salmon drop earrings 

I love the simplicity of these drop earrings which can be used just as much for everyday errands or on a special occasion and they will always look timeless.

Buy this here: https://www.aftcra.com/Amayeli/listing/186693/teardrop-drop-earrings-salmon-pink-earrings-peach-earrings-bezel-set-gold-earrings-gold-earrings


Mothers Day Gifts - I Love You To The Moon And Back Hand Stamped Necklace

2. I Love You To The Moon And Back Hand Stamped Necklace

This piece is very personal which, for me, stands for that unbreakable bond between a mother and her child. It’s endearing and any mom would be more than happy to receive it.

Buy this here: https://www.aftcra.com/TheAzureRose/listing/150763/i-love-you-to-the-moon-and-back-hand-stamped-necklace


Mothers Day Gifts - Hanging Jewelry Box

3. Hanging Jewelry Box

A lot (if not all) of the women in my family are big jewelry lovers. I’d even classify them as “jewelry hoarders”. This piece is so pretty and helps keep all those beautiful trinkets organized and even displayed in a lovely way.

Buy this here: https://www.aftcra.com/cwco/listing/181020/hanging-jewelry-box


Mothers Day Gifts - Country Rustic Wine Rack with Stemmed and Stemless Wine Glass Storage

4. Country Rustic Wine Rack with Stemmed and Stemless Wine Glass Storage

For the mom who is a wine lover (like mine) this is such a functional gift that will also give her a chance to showcase her favorite bottles in a stylish way.

Buy this here: https://www.aftcra.com/tdrusticreflections/listing/187932/country-rustic-wine-rack-with-stemmed-and-stemless-wine-glass-storage


Mothers Day Gifts - Reclaimed Wood Headphones

5. Reclaimed Wood Headphones

As soon as I saw these I was in love. These headphones are quirky, cool and functional all at the same time. An avid music lover would love to receive these for sure.

Buy this here: https://www.aftcra.com/envaudio/listing/175426/reclaimed-wood-headphones


Mothers Day Gifts - Mother and Daughter Mug

6. Mother and Daughter Mug

For the coffee lover mom, what better gift than a pretty mug with a heartfelt message? These are so endearing and can be used as a complimentary gift as well.

Buy this here: https://www.aftcra.com/CustomGiftsbyKB/listing/174799/as-long-as-im-living-mugs-set-2-mugs-mother-and-daughter-mugs-custom-mugs-custom-text-distance-mugs-birthday-gift-going-away


Mothers Day Gifts - 1 Year Customizable Planner – Small

7. 1 Year Customizable Planner – Small

For the busy mom who’s always got a million things to do (and doesn’t like using her smart phone to schedule her stuff) this is the perfect gift in a size that fits neatly in her tote bag.

Buy this here: https://www.aftcra.com/AutumnBreezy/listing/177126/1-year-customizable-planner-small


Mothers Day Gifts - Apple Jack and Peel Scented Soy Candles 12 oz

8. Apple Jack and Peel Scented Soy Candles 12 oz

The packaging alone won me over. Simple and elegant. For every mom who loves to unwind with a nice warm bath and an aromatic candle, this one’s for her.

Buy this here: https://www.aftcra.com/thesoycandlebarn/listing/155113/apple-jack-and-peel-scented-soy-candles-12-oz-new-fall-scents-ready-to-ship-to-you



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