The Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Every Mom

Mothers Day Gifts for Every Mom - The Freedom Project Blog Suggestions 01

Yes, it’s that time of year already when you’re dashing around trying to trump last years Mother’s Day gift. When you’re shopping for the perfect gift for your Mother dearest you can quickly become overwhelmed with all of the choices.

So, to save you the stress of the gift dash, we have put together a bit of a gift guide for those of you who are after some inspiration. With this helpful list you won’t have any troubles finding for the perfect little something that will mean the world to her and what’s even better is that they are all handmade with love.


Gifts for Every Mom - The Freedom Project Mothers Day Gift Guide

Sweet and Sentimental

Introducing the Ohana Means Family Print.

This gorgeous print sums up what family means to you and your Mom will be oh so proud to put it on display. For those of you who aren’t Lilo & Stitch fans, this touching quote is a real touching moment in the movie and will be perfectly suited somewhere in her home without a doubt.

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Gifts for Every Mom - The Freedom Project - Fine Leaf Silver Impression Necklace

Shiny and Something to Cherish

Say hello to this Fine Leaf Silver Impression Necklace.

This handcrafted leaf impression necklace is a perfect statement piece for your Mom. This is a unique gift that will never be able to be duplicated due to the individual leaf imprint that has been casted. It is 99.9% fine silver and will look ever so chic around your Mom’s neck and is definitely something she can cherish for years to come.

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Gifts for Every Mom - The Freedom Project - Scented Soy Rose Candle

Nice and Rosy

Scented Soy Rose Candle

Can you smell that? It’s the sweet and timeless aroma of fresh cut roses and another amazing Mother’s Day gift. With a rose being a symbol of love,your Mom will think of you every time this candle is burning bright and when it is not burning at all. The elegant scent of this candle is so strong due to the quality of the fragrance oil and will uplift your Mom’s home every day.

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Gifts for Every Mom - The Freedom Project - Black and White Concrete Planter

Everyday Reminders

Black & White Concrete Planter 

This stylish addition to you Mom’s home will scream sophistication and class. For added effect include a plant that she can love and nurture, just like she did to you for all those years. This white and gray concrete planter is made especially for indoor displays of succulents and other low water house plants which means it won’t be too disastrous if you she forgets to water it every now and then.

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Gifts for Every Mom - The Freedom Project - Leather and Tweed Canvas Tote

Practical and Fashionable

Leather and Tweed Canvas Tote

Whether the leading lady in your life needs a super sturdy bag to carry her library books, groceries or laptop; this stylish tote has classic charm and style. With it’s durable base and triple sewn straps, it also features a unique antique brass latch that brings the design together.

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Gifts for Every Mom - The Freedom Project - Good Morning Sunshine Energizing Bath and Body

Clean as a Whistle

Good Morning Sunshine Energizing Bath & Body

Now this product hardly needs to be described as it’s perfect for the hardworking woman we know your Mom is. The Good Morning Sunshine beauty pack is an exciting mix of citrus with notes of fresh cucumber, pineapple and champagne and treats it’s relaxation seekers with the perfect pick-me-up every time. Just add some soothing melodies, a glass of bubbles and some uninterrupted ‘her-time’ and your Mom will be well on her way with this gift.

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Gifts for Every Mom - The Freedom Project - Rhinestone Bling Pen

Something to write home about

Rhinestone Bling Pen

If your Mom is a fashionista in the office and a little bit of a diva she needs this sparkly gift. These rhinestone encrusted pens are handmade and are as unique to one another as a snowflake. With over 250 hand placed gemstones your Mama will exude sparkle inside and out and she will know if anyone tries to claim this pen as there own.

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That’s a wrap!

So there you have it. A complete guide to just some of the amazing gift choice this Mother’s Day on aftcra. And don’t forget, sometimes the most precious gift of all is your time, love and gratitude. But enough with that, get shopping, you still have your siblings to out do.


Tahlia MaynardAbout aftcra’s Guest Blogger, Tahlia of The Freedom Project: 

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