Handmade Personalized Christmas Gifts to Order Now

Personalized Gift Ideas


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Give other gift givers a run for their money by giving personalized gifts this holiday season. I’ve always been a big fan of giving out something personalized. It shows that you took a little extra time and love to pick the gift. And by buying something personalized you guarantee that your gift can’t be re-gifted (but, let’s face it, any handmade gift will always be too awesome to regift anyway).

Personalized gifts do require a little extra love by the artisan, so be sure to order them before their cut-off time. Here is a list of awesome handmade personalized Christmas gifts to order now so you get them in time for the holidays to wow your friends and family.


Personalized Handmade Gifts for Her


Chevron Striped Monogrammed iPhone Case: This iPhone case screams class and color. With an array of colors to choose from for both the chevron design and the monogram, you’ll be able to customize this to the nines and make it perfect for the gift receiver. This iPhone case is also really thin, so it’ll be a great gift for that bulky iPhone case owner. Of course, this phone case can be customized to be the right fit for your phone’s model.

Handmade Personalized Christmas Gifts: Chevron Striped Monogrammed iPhone Case

Chevron Striped Monogrammed iPhone Case ($39.00) by Christine Marie B on aftcra


Handmade Personalized Christmas Gift - Custom Cuff RingCustom Cuff Ring ($20.00) by Lemon Lime Creations on aftcra.


Handmade Personalized Christmas Gifts - Custom Name Gold Necklace

14K Gold Engraved Necklace from NatureLook on aftcra


Handmade Personalized Christmas Gifts - Monogram Wine Cork Holder

Monogrammed Wine Cork Holder ($150.00) by Etched Vine on aftcra


Handmade Personalized christmas gifts - Personalized Tree of Life Necklace

Personalized Tree of Life Necklace ($55.00) by Crow Steals Fire on aftcra 



Handmade Personalized Gifts for Him


Men’s Personalized Leather Cuff Bracelet: Dang, this is gorgeous. Isn’t it? A handmade leather cuff for him with a metal detail ready for personalized. Choose to either have this men’s leather cuff monogrammed, accented with a meaningful phrase, or include longitude and latitude of your home. No matter what, this is going to be one helluva gift to hand out

Handmade Personalized Christmas Gifts - Mens Leather Cuff Bracelet

Men’s Leather Cuff Bracelet ($172.00) by Studio Jewel on aftcra


Handmade Personalized Christmas Gifts - Personalized Wooden Business Card Holder

Personalized Wooden Business Card Holder by Rustic Craft on aftcra


Personalized Handmade Christmas Gifts - Custom Leather Shot Glasses

Personalized Leather Shot Glass by Miller Leather Works on aftcra


Handmade Personalized Christmas Gifts to Order Now - Custom State Cutting Board

Custom State Cutting Board with Heart City ($56.00) by Richwood Creations on aftcra


Custom Beer Tasting Tracy in Shape of State

Custom Beer Tasting Tray in Shape of State ($40.00) by Drink Local on aftcra



Handmade Personalize Gifts for Anyone


3D Typography Lake Wall Art: This is the ultimate gift for the lake lover. With over 4,500 lake options for you to choose from, we’re sure the artisans at Lake Art will have your lake ready to go. This is a 16 x 20″ print with up to eight levels of lake depth and includes major roads and towns. It is seriously, seriously, a stunning handmade personalized Christmas gift.

* For a less-expensive option, Lake Art has a clock available here for $89.00.

Handmade Personalized Christmas Gifts - Custom Lake Wall Art

Custom Typographical Lake Wall Art ($325) by Lake Art on aftcra


Handmade Personalized Christmas Gifts - Custom Name and Date Cutting Board

Custom Name and Established Date Cutting Board ($48.00) from Richwood Creations on aftcra


Handmade Personlized christmas gift - Custom State and Name Stationery

Custom State and Name Stationery ($69.00) from Shop Inviting on aftcra


Handmade Personalized Christmas gifts - Established and Family name sign

Custom Established and Family Name Sign on Pallet Wood in Antique White ($65.00) by Little Fences on aftcra


Handmade Personalized Christmas Gifts - Custom Monogrammed Wooden Ring Box

Custom Monogrammed Wooden Ring Box ($32.00) by RusticCraft Designs on aftcra 

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