Handmade Holiday Gift Guide – For the State/City Enthusiast

We all know those people who are absolutely in love with their city or their state. They have posters throughout their pad of their state, pictures of their city, and a ridiculous amount of t-shirts showing off their state pride. This is one gift guide that I can relate to … because I am this person.

Sound like someone you know? We’ve got some pretty fabulous finds to make the bond to their state/city even stronger. Check out our latest Handmade Holiday Gift Guide – For the State/City Enthusiast. We’ll also be sharing more of our favorite finds this week on our facebook page here.

Here’s a little peek into this week’s guide:












State Roots Backpack – $22: aftcra.com/item/1060
Indiana State Tee – $24: aftcra.com/item/1362
Bottle Opener – $40: aftcra.com/item/681 (other states here: http://aftcra.com/storeitems/319
Texas Cufflinks – $39: aftcra.com/item/740 (other states here: http://aftcra.com/storeitems/338. Seller can also custom make your state!)
Bourbon St. Photo – $12.50: aftcra.com/item/1279

Support American artisans this holiday season – shop handmade at www.aftcra.com!

Happy shopping!

President, aftcra

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