Handmade Gifts for Dad for Father’s Day

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I think we can all agree, sometimes dads are tough to shop for. I’ve always found the best way to find gifts for the guys in my life is to pinpoint an interest and work backward from there. If he’s a great cook, an apron or some customized utensils would be perfect. Maybe he’s into cars, and would welcome a unique key chain. A movie lover might appreciate a hand-painted popcorn bowl.

The point is, Dad likes something, which means there’s a gift that’s perfect for him. There are so many great handmade artists out there, making exactly what you’re looking for. Be the kid that puts in the thought and effort into finding it, and make it even harder for Dad to not have a favorite. Here’s a list of handmade gifts for Dad for Father’s Day.


Handmade Gifts for Dad - Buzzing The Lake of Geometrees

1. Buzzing the Lake of Geometrees Mounted Print

This fun, retro print would be perfect for a guy who appreciates air travel, or the one who has a soft spot for nostalgia.

Buy this here: http://www.aftcra.com/luciajohnson/listing/183579/buzzing-the-lake-of-geometrees-10×10-mounted-print


Handmade Gifts for Dad - Reclaimed Wood Wine Bar

2. Reclaimed Wood Wine Bar

Granted, this would be a big statement gift, but imagine the place of honor this beauty would have in the man cave.

Buy this here: http://www.aftcra.com/GearGrove/listing/183771/reclaimed-wood-wine-bar


Handmade Gifts for Dad - DOG Art- Red PUG - Glass MAGNET By Artist A.V.Apostle

3. Red Pug Glass Magnet

Did your dad find a little four-legged buddy to shower his attention on when you moved out? Show your acceptance of your new canine brother with this sweet magnet.

Buy this here: http://www.aftcra.com/avapostledesign/listing/176211/dog-art-red-pug-glass-magnet-by-artist-avapostle-2x-2


Handmade Gifts for Dad - Handmade Leather Eyeglass Case

4. Handmade Leather Eyeglass Case

Here’s a gift to help ease Dad’s pain at having to wear those reading glasses. Especially if he’s the kind of guy who loves his books.

Buy this here: http://www.aftcra.com/gritsnhokum/listing/19508/handmade-leather-eyeglass-case-medium-hand-sewn-stained


Handmade Gifts for Dad - Wooden Beer Growler holder

5. Growler Holder

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but beer growlers are HUGE here in Oregon. When your dad takes his to the local shop to have it filled, everyone else will be asking “Where did you get that carrier?”

Buy this here: http://www.aftcra.com/clampwoodworking/listing/120781/growler-holder


Handmade Gifts for Dad - handmade fishing lure- custom gift for the fisherman

6. Handmade Brass Fishing Lure

Make sure Dad is thinking about you when he’s out there trying to land the big one.

Buy this here: http://www.aftcra.com/beadsoul/listing/162746/handmade-brass-fishing-lure-personalized-gift-for-him-hand-stamped-gift-for-him-anniversary-gift-groom-gift-custom-mens-gift


Handmade Gifts for Dad - DSLR Camera Wrist Strap - News Print

7. DSLR Camera Wrist Strap

If your dad is into photography, he might appreciate an easier way to carry his camera. Found in my own shop here on aftcra.

Buy this here: http://www.aftcra.com/craftystaci/listing/183116/camera-strap-for-wrist-dslr-quick-release-news-print-ready-to-ship


Handmade Gifts for Dad - ready to ship guitar pick for dad Play For Me Daddy Fathers Day Gift Idea

8. Guitar Pick for Dad

You know you love it when dad picks up that guitar to play. Make sure he knows it.

Buy this here: http://www.aftcra.com/beadsoul/listing/123810/play-for-me-daddy-handstamped-copper-guitar-pick


Handmade Gifts for Dad - Custom Engraved Rosewood Pocket Knife with Belt Clip

9. Custom Engraved Rosewood Pocket Knife

An outdoorsy dad would appreciate this personalized gift.

Buy this here: http://www.aftcra.com/legacyimages/listing/21260/custom-engraved-rosewood-pocket-knife-with-belt-clip-scouts-groomsmen-gift-outdoors-hunting-camping-gentlemen-safety


Handmade Gifts for Dad - Mens Leather Wallet, Custom Leather Wallet with custom quote or phrase

10. Men’s Leather Wallet

This is the perfect gift for any dad. Slip a gift card inside to make it even better – bonus points if it’s redeemable for lunch with you.

Buy this here: http://www.aftcra.com/redleafleather/listing/177143/mens-custom-leather-wallet-minimalist-wallet-groomsmen-gift-tan-color


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