Gift Guide for the Adventurous Spirit

2015 Holiday Gift Guides Gift Guide for the Adventurous Spirit

Post by aftcra Guest Blogger, Deanna Jensen of Badon Hill

Everyone knows an adventurous spirit; he’s your cousin with a healthy sense of wanderlust, your sister who would rather spend her weekend hiking in the woods than shopping at the mall, or your best friend who dreams of backpacking across Europe. Just as someone with an adventurous spirit might be hard to pin down, it can be difficult to figure out what gifts an adventurer would love to receive for Christmas.

An adventurous spirit myself, I would spend every day hiking in the mountains if I could. While I don’t get to hike every day, I do get to write about adventures of both the everyday sort and the more traditional sort on my blog (the Badon Hill Blog), and I love it when I have an opportunity to encourage my fellow adventurers in their own exciting pursuits. I’m also a huge supporter of quality handmade products, and I enjoy searching for just the right handmade goods to fuel adventures!

Aftcra is a great resource for this, with a wonderful array of handmade, made-in-America gifts that are sure to delight the adventurous spirit in your life. I’m excited to share my favorites with you!


A Gift Guide for the Adventurous Spirit aftcra 01

1. The Adventure Begins bracelet

This bracelet is the perfect gift for someone about to embark on a new adventure, whether that’s starting a new job or a trip overseas. This bracelet is a thoughtful and stylish way to celebrate adventure!

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A Gift Guide for the Adventurous Spirit aftcra 02

2. Plaid Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves are a must this winter! Scarves are also a wonderful travel accessory, so this lovely black and red plaid scarf is just the right gift for the stylish wanderer.

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A Gift Guide for the Adventurous Spirit aftcra 03

3. Home State Duffel Bag

Remind your adventurous loved one of home no matter how far away they travel with this duffel bag! Personalize it with the recipient’s own state so he can proudly display his roots.

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A Gift Guide for the Adventurous Spirit aftcra 04

4. Owl Cardigan

Your adventurer will love not only the earthy owl on the back of this cardigan, but she’ll also love the eco-friendly methods used to make it. The owl is a perfect representation of the explorer’s heart within.

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A Gift Guide for the Adventurous Spirit aftcra 05

5. Evergreen Soap

This all-natural soap is not only practical, but its evergreen scent reminds the user of the great outdoors and the adventures waiting there. It could be used both at home, or taken along on an exciting journey.

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A Gift Guide for the Adventurous Spirit aftcra 06

6. Sun Bear necklace

Classy and sleek, this sun bear necklace is just right for a subtle, yet elegant, token of the outdoors. The bear is a powerful and beautiful player in the wilderness, and the perfect inspiration for adventure.

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A Gift Guide for the Adventurous Spirit aftcra 07

7. Cascade Mountain Pouch

This little pouch, screen printed with a dramatic mountain scene, is both functional and beautiful. Help your adventurer friend stay organized and inspired at the same time!

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Deanna Jensen of Badon Hill 12.03.15About aftcra’s Guest Blogger, Deanna Jensen:

Deanna is a maker of leather journals and other goods fit for adventures big and small, near and far. She blogs about her creative, outdoorsy, and entrepreneurial adventures, hoping to inspire her readers in their own adventures and creative pursuits. Deanna is a full-time maker and writer, but also loves to read good books and explore the outdoors around her home in San Diego, CA.


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