Extraordinary Father’s Day Gifts for the Extraordinary Dad

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Dad. The head of family. The provider. The rock. The coach. The softie. The man – Dad is ‘the man.’ A dad’s role is a full one, and they work hard at it. From the earliest days of the caveman dad their role was to provide for and protect their family while being crafty and resourceful too. Obviously a dad’s role in the today’s family has evolved to include so much more than this – but these basic principles of still often apply in all they do for us. Father’s Day is a great day to find an extraordinary Father’s Day gift that lets that special man in your life know how much you care.

Finding the right gift to really show your appreciation for dad can be a challenge. Of course, homemade coupons for free lawn work or a car wash are always a nice gesture, but sometimes a little something extra is necessary. Whether the dad you’re thinking of this Father’s Day is trendy, outdoorsy, or a good old-fashioned manly-man, Aftcra’s online collection of handmade American products has a selection of gifts perfect for every kind of dad. A handcrafted gift made with great care and craftsmanship will help you express your appreciation to the dad in your life for everything they do. Here are just a few great ideas for three different types of dads to help make any dads day:


The ‘On Trend’ Dad

If the dad you’re thinking of is the stylish type, then you now they are on a mission to work hard and look good while doing it. These gift ideas are must haves to help dad make his mission possible:


Extraordinary Father's Day Gifts - Hand stamped personalized tie tack in sterling silver

1. Hand Stamped Personalized Sterling Silver Tie Tack

We know dad already has a great selection of stylish ties in his closet, so this tie tack is the perfect accessory to help him have a complete look.

Buy this tie here: http://www.aftcra.com/beadsoul/listing/120546/hand-stamped-personalized-tie-tack-in-sterling-silver-lapel-pin-for-men-monogram-initals-custom-gift-accessory


Extraordinary Father's Day Gifts - 2 Pack-Spiced Stout Beer Soap

2. Spiced Stout Beer Cold Process Soap

Dad is meticulously about his morning man ‘routine,’ as he should be; looking and smelling great helps him take on the day. This manly scented beer soap is just the right thing to start the morning off right.

Buy this here: http://www.aftcra.com/oilandash/listing/171579/2-pack-spiced-stout-beer-soap-cold-process-soap-essential-oil-soap-beer-soap-exfoliant-soap-handmade-soap-barley-soap


Extraordinary Father's Day Gifts - Personalized Copper Guitar Pick

3. Personalized Copper Guitar Pick

This well cultured dad can do just about anything, and picking up the guitar and strumming a few hits is just another talent he possesses. This guitar pick customized with your own words lets him know how much you appreciate all his skills.

Buy this here:  http://www.aftcra.com/beadsoul/listing/120563/copper-guitar-pick-22-gauge-hand-stamped-with-daddy-you-rock-ready-to-ship-gift


The ‘Sit Back and Relax’ Dad

What dad doesn’t like to stop and relax awhile after a job well done? These gifts help dad take on the hard chore of a little well deserved chill time.


Extraordinary Father's Day Gifts - Wooden Growler holder

1. Wooden Growler Caddy

If dad enjoys one or two cold ones while relaxing, this handcrafted growler caddy allows him to easily tote his favorite craft brews to his desired spot of relaxation.

Buy this here: http://www.aftcra.com/clampwoodworking/listing/120781/growler-holder


Extraordinary Father's Day Gifts - Handmade Wood Bench

2. Reclaimed Red Oak Bench

Of course dad will need someplace to sit and take a load off. This handmade natural red oak bench made from fallen trees is the perfect thing for enjoying some quiet time around the campfire.

Buy this here: http://www.aftcra.com/GearGrove/listing/123835/handmade-wood-bench


Extraordinary Father's Day Gifts - handmade fishing lure- custom gift for the fisherman

3. Handmade Fishing Lure

What is more relaxing for dad than a day out on the water fishing? This custom, handmade fishing lure is beautiful, meaningful and meant to be used to catch the big one.

Buy this here: http://www.aftcra.com/beadsoul/listing/162746/handmade-brass-fishing-lure-personalized-gift-for-him-hand-stamped-gift-for-him-anniversary-gift-groom-gift-custom-mens-gift


‘Salt of the Earth’ Dad

He’s one with the earth – a real nature lover who knows the name of every bird, tree, and fish in the creek. Help him stay connected with his passion by giving him something he can use on his adventures, or while dreaming of one.


Extraordinary Father's Day Gifts - Custom Engraved Rosewood Pocket Knife with Belt Clip 01


Extraordinary Father's Day Gifts - Custom Engraved Rosewood Pocket Knife with Belt Clip 02

1. Custom Engraved Pocket Knife

Dad can start a fire without matches and build a shelter in no time flat – he’s a real pioneer. This engraved pocket knife engraved will remind him how much you care while he’s getting the job done.

Buy this here: http://www.aftcra.com/legacyimages/listing/21260/custom-engraved-rosewood-pocket-knife-with-belt-clip-scouts-groomsmen-gift-outdoors-hunting-camping-gentlemen-safety


Extraordinary Father's Day Gifts - Field Notes Journal Cover

2. Leather Covered Field Notes Journal

The stories of his explorations in the wild can entertain and inspire us all for generations to come. This leather covered journal is the perfect accessories for dad to keep on hand and record all his amazing adventures.

Buy this here: http://www.aftcra.com/AmericanBenchCraft/listing/156522/field-notes-journal-cover


Extraordinary Father's Day Gifts - Walk in the Woods Spritzer

3. Walk in the Woods Spritzer

He loves the forest and the stream, but currently lives in a concrete jungle. Help dad to remember all he loves about nature with this unique woodsy, earthy aromatherapy spritzer. It can be used on the body, clothing or linens.

Buy this here: http://www.aftcra.com/brewcitybotanicals/listing/34663/walk-in-the-woods-spritzer



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