Talent ‘round Every Corner


An artist screenprinting a pillow.

Lately I’ve been nothing short of amazed by the talent around me.

Since aftcra went into beta we have been sharing with friends and family members this little venture of promoting all things crafted by American hands. Every person I’ve told either knows an artisan or is one themselves. It’s absolutely astounding how much beauty these people bring into the world just by using their two hands.

We have friends who haven’t dabbled in their “hobby” for years and are suddenly reinvigorated with inspiration to get out there and start hammering away on their next creation. And family members who have been crafting magnificent pieces but store them away. Even I have found myself tapping into the little artist that I used to be before I got too busy to focus on what I really enjoy doing.

What I am so proud of is how much creative talent is around us, and I’m happy that aftcra is allowing people to focus on what they truly love to do – making something extraordinary out of nothing.

I’m so excited to see what new creation I’ll come across next …


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