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How to Attract Loyal Customers with Events











aftcra seller Rachael B. Winkley of Salvaged Studio & Gallery was recently featured on Storefront (an organization dedicated to helping small and large businesses find retail space). Rachael shared some of her tips and tricks on how to attract loyal customers to her brick and mortar retail space.

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Rachael opened Salvaged Studio & Gallery in Milwaukee, WI over a year ago. After a successful year, she was asked to share best practices with Storefront on how she has been able to attract loyal customers, and maintain them, by thinking outside of the box and hosting local events.

Some of the tactics that Rachael used were:

1. Strategically Planning her Grand Opening: Rachael planned the grand opening of Salvaged Studio to coincide with another local event taking place in her artsy neighborhood. By doing so, Rachael was guaranteed that foot traffic would pass by her shop. This also showed her commitment to the community/neighborhood. This tactic helped her to attract loyal customers that she may not have had exposure to previously.

2. Hosting Local Community Events: Another method Rachael has used to attract loyal customers is by hosting local community events. She hosted a Featured Artist Show, which promoted some local artists and their up-cycled and/or repurposed work (a niche Rachael carved out for herself). These events helped Rachael form solid relationships with her customers, be introduced to prospects, and even further cement her commitment to the artistic neighborhood.

3. Consistent Communication: Rachael started to immediately gather email addresses and contact information from individuals frequenting her shop. With these lists she could start a regular newsletter to share upcoming events, featured items, or updates on Salvaged Studio. This is a way to maintain her current customers.

Check out Rachael’s featured story in Storefront’s blog post: How Hosting In-Store Events Attracts Loyal Customers.



And a huge pat on the back to Rachael for being an awesome local artist!

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