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Get More Done - Ways to be More Efficient

Ugh. I’m having one of those days.

I’m looking at my to-do list and I’m completely overwhelmed. Not only do I have scribbled post-it notes covering my desk, I have a word doc opened with things that need to get done and an inbox full of emails. So what do I choose to do? Write. For me, writing is therapy, helps me organize my thoughts and clears my mind.

I share this because we all get to this point. And with summer right around the corner, our time is going to become more strained with busy schedules and events, personal life and the inherent need to try to enjoy the weather (especially for those of us who are holed up in our abodes during the frigid winters).

So how do you overcome this near paralysis?

I always enjoy reading time saving tips and suggestions to help make my list seem less daunting. This article ( is a good read. It puts your activities into perspective. Some of my favorite takeaways are:

#3. Stop looking for that extra 10 percent: I’m uber-competitive and feel the need to put forth my best effort constantly, whether it’s washing the countertop or developing strategies. Usually it works to my benefit, but sometimes I can get a little distracted feeling the need to do better… especially with mundane activities.

#6. Set limits: Have you ever found yourself to on auto-pilot, constantly clicking the “New Stories” feed on facebook and reading the same posts over, and over, and over again? It’s likely to happen when you’re on overload and your brain is taking a “nap”. Well, snap out of it! Find something to read (or do) that will inspire you instead of put you to sleep.

#11. Outsource one task. We’ve all been there. We think “I can only do this. I do this the best.” But sometimes you just have to take that step back and give someone else the reigns. Not only will they free up your time, but they’ll bring a different perspective to your work.

What helps you manage your time?

Erica Riegelman

Co-Founder of aftcra

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Get More Done!

  1. I try to make lists of what needs to be done first. Once I get into taking photos, or listing items, I get going and it makes it go faster!! Sometimes I just like to read blogs or forums on what other people do to make life easier!!

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