4 Affordable, Portable and Easily Replaceable Backdrops for Branded Product Photos!

4 Affordable, Portable and Easily Replaceable Backdrops for Branded Product Photos Handmade on aftcra by Merriweather Council

Styling branded product photos can be so fun! It can also be a huge challenge if you feel overwhelmed with options or totally drawing a blank on where to start. Hopefully this list will get you feeling inspired to try something new that will compliment your brand!

All of these are low cost, and easy to replace. When I lived in Boston, I had the most perfect little ledge against a white wall in my apartment, but when I moved, I didn’t have that anymore! I will admit, I panicked a bit. It took me a while to establish a new backdrop that would work as well!  These elements are also  “blank” enough that they won’t distract from your product, which is key for styling photos!

The suggestions on this list are portable, affordable, and easily replaceable!


Vintage books
I love the look of a worn book (and the smell, but that’s not really relevant here) and I think they add interest and can support branding if used properly in product photos! These worn covers work well for brands that have a vintage flair or a rustic feel. You can get them cheaply from thrift stores or you might even have some laying around! Even if you mixed up the cover colors, the cohesion of using the same prop type over and over would help brand you shop. Also fun is opening the book to style a product on the text pages.


Foam sheets
Foam sheets are readily available at any craft store – generally they are over in the kid craft sections but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a professional look. I like these sheets because they come in bold, solid colors -perfect for brands that have modern aesthetics or a youthful vibe. Bonus, these are easy to clean, so if you had a situation or styling idea that might result in a small mess, you could rinse these right off. You can also easily make holes in them if you needed.


Backdrops for Branded Product Photos 05


Scrapbooking papers
Another backdrop that works well for nearly any brand that produces a small product such as jewelry or hair accessories is scrapbooking paper. You’re familiar with the most enticing isle in the craft store, yeah? Chock full of textures, motifs, colors and themes, there is sure to be a paper that would suit your brand! These are available as flat sheets, vellum papers, acetate sheets or even embossed or die cut! This is a fun way to add interest for super low cost!


Backdrops for Branded Product Photos 03



Natural materials
Natural materials such as slate, wood slices or even linen fabric are easy to move about and can support a brand that has a earthy appeal or outdoor loving audience. Each of these materials has variety within itself – obviously linen is available in a range of colors, and stone and wood are exquisite on their own and different from piece to piece.

Backdrops for Branded Product Photos 10

*Pictures from BeadSoul, Marty May, and Nicole Noelle Jewelry


What are you favorite photo styling tips for complimenting your brand?


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