A Collection of Nautical Home Decor and Clothing

For the sea-obsessed, a collection of Nautical home décor and clothing. We know how the ocean makes you feel – the sound of the waves crashing, the smell of salt water, the feel of sand between your toes all takes you to your most serene and relaxed self. Bring the ocean to your home with this fun Nautical home decor collection. Whether you have a lake or ocean-front home, or you’re dreaming of one, this fun collection of inspired nautical home décor and clothing will make you want to jump on your (imaginary) yacht and sail into the sunset.


Nautical Home Decor - Compass Star Circle Rope Rug











Compass Star Circle Nautical Rug

An absolutely stunning compass star circle rug for a nautical or beach-inspired home. This rope rug is handmade by aftcra’s talented Twisted Thread and Hook with soft (but sturdy) rope to create a true nautical experience. This beautiful compass circle rug is approximately 4’9” in diameter. Each rug will slightly differ in design since it is handmade. This is the ultimate in Nautical home decor.

Order this nautical rug here: http://aftcra.com/twistedthreadandhook/listing/4013/compass-star-rug-nautical-rug-rope-rug-coastal-decor-beach-decor



Nautical Home Decor - Nautical Map Bunting Party Decoration






Nautical Map Bunting Party Decoration

Kick up your next party with some nautical map pennant flags. Place this nautical bunting over your ocean-inspired fare or around the beverage section (we’re thinking an ocean-like signature drink). This nautical pennant is made by aftcra artist Altered Eco Design from vintage atlas paper. Each pennant has tiny shells in-between each pennant and finished with a white starfish on each end.

Order this nautical party bunting here: http://aftcra.com/alteredecodesigns/listing/2067/nautical-map-bunting-party-decoration



Nautical Themed Baby Shower - Nautical knit hat with red anchor










Nautical Baby Boy Knit Hat with Anchor

Ummm … this is too cute! Outfit your little one with this nautical knit anchor hat the next time you venture out on your boat. Not only is this knit hat extra adorable, it’ll keep your little one’s head warm (and fashionable) with those cool ocean breezes. This nautical knit hat would also be perfect for a nautical baby photo session. Handmade by aftcra artist Nini’s Handmade.

Order this nautical knit hat with anchor here: http://aftcra.com/ninishandmades/listing/2440/knit-baby-boy-hat-with-anchor



Nautical Home Decor - Wind Point Lighthouse Nautical Canvas Print









Lighthouse Photography on Canvas Nautical Print

Talented aftcra artist Jarrod Erbe captured a truly nautical atmosphere with this moody image of the Wind Point Lighthouse in Wisconsin. This photograph is printed on a 16 x 24” canvas. This is the epitome of nautical home decor!

Order this nautical piece here: http://aftcra.com/erbephoto/listing/728/socked-in-lighthouse-canvas-wrap



Nautical Inspired Clothing - Nautical narwhal cardigan












Nautical Narwhal Cardigan

Who doesn’t have a special place in their heart for the magical Narwhal? This is one fun graphic cardigan that mixes a bit of geekery with ocean beastery (if that’s a word). Handmade and screen-printed by aftcra artist Marty May, this Narwhal design is printed on a unisex American Apparel cardigan. This would be a great gift for any Narwhal fanatic.

Order this nautical narwhal cardigan here: http://aftcra.com/martymay/listing/891/narwhal-cardigan



Nautical Home Decor - Steering Wheel Bathroom Mat











Nautical Steering Wheel Bathroom Mat

For a beachy bathroom, this nautical steering wheel bathroom mat is the perfect pies de resistance. This nautical bathroom mat is not only soft for your feet but it’s easy to clean! Could also be used on a boat (or yacht!). This handmade bathroom mat is made by aftcra’s talented Twisted Thread and Hook and a perfect piece of nautical home decor.

Order this nautical bathroom mat here:  http://aftcra.com/twistedthreadandhook/listing/568/steering-wheel-bathroom-mat-small-rug-for-nautical-decor-boat-wheel-bathmat



Nautical Themed Baby Shower - Nautical Navy Anchor Onesie












Onesie with Nautical Navy Anchor

The next time you’re going for a walk on the beach, get your little one ultra-nautical with this navy anchor onesie. This little nautical onesie would be perfect for a nautical themed baby shower as well! Handmade and applied by the handmade aftcra artist Brown Owl Designs.

Order this nautical anchor onesie here: http://aftcra.com/brownowldesigns/listing/912/unisex-white-onesie-with-navy-anchor



Nautical Home Decor - Stormy Weather Candle












Stormy Weather Nautical Candle

Let the scent of a stormy night at the ocean calm you as you imagine the light rumbling of thunder in the background. This 8 oz. handmade candle is the perfect combination of spices and lavender to keep you relaxed. This candle is perfect for your nautical home decor and is handcrafted by Dorene at The Columbia Fragrance Co.

Order this nautical ocean scented candle here: http://aftcra.com/columbiafragrance/listing/1571/stormy-weather-8-oz-candle



Nautical Home Decor - Nautical Sailboat Drawing









Nautical Sailboat Drawing

Sail away with this beautifully hand-drawn sailboat artwork, drawn on a 11 x 14” piece of Bristol board. Artist Robert Crandall of aftcra’s The Drawing Board wows with this detailed piece of nautical artwork and is quite the nautical home decor piece.

Order this nautical piece here: http://aftcra.com/Crandall/listing/4834/sailboat



Nautical Earrings - Nautical Hanging Wheel Earrings












Nautical Steering Wheel Earrings (Hanging)

Steer your day your way with these nautical steering wheel earrings. These are simple silver dangly earring to complement your nautical ensemble. We’re thinking a captain’s hat would match swimmingly!

Order these nautical wheel earrings here: http://aftcra.com/EmberDesignsForYou/listing/5001/nautical-hanging-wheel-earrings



Nautical Home Decor - Seagull on the Bay Nautical Photograph










Nautical Seagull on Binoculars Photograph

A typical waterfront image for your home, this seagull is perched on a pair of binoculars overlooking a Californian marina. aftcra artist Ranjit captured this nautical moment for those not living close to the water.

Order this nautical home decor piece here: http://aftcra.com/photographybyranjit/listing/4703/bird-on-binoculars

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