Welcome Back, Farmers Markets (A Summer Guide)

Farmers Market Guide Made in USA

It’s summer (finally!) and that means hot days, fresh produce and endless amounts of markets. I’ve written about them before, but I have a serious addiction to my local Farmers Market. Nothing gets me more excited than to wake up early on a Saturday morning, venture to the neighborhood Farmers Market, walk around the local vendor’s booths and pick up some goodies. I end up leaving every Farmers Market with a bag full of fruit, some interesting dips, a little piece of art, and an organic smoked dog bone (you know, the important stuff).

But when I start my day with a Farmers Market, I am on cloud nine the rest of the day. I I call it the Farmers Market High.

Even though I love ooo-ing and ahh-ing over the fresh flowers, unique handmade goods, and beautiful food, the best part of the Farmers Market is getting to know the vendors. It’s always a pleasure to hear from the local farmers and makers about their passions. I usually find myself getting a little giddy over their enthusiasm. It’s contagious!


And, by going to these local events, you start to feel more involved in your community. You start to recognize faces, you learn people’s stories, and you feel this collective love for your city, state and country.

Interested in seeing what Farmers Market’s are active in your community? Check out this collection of Farmers Market guides from our friends at Made in the USA Challenge: http://madeinusachallenge.com/2014/support-local-farmers-market-guides/. This guide offers a variety of ways to get involved with your local Farmers Markets, including participating in a Community Supported Agriculture program.

So, what do you love about the summer? Do you hit up local Farmers Markets, Art Fairs or other events to support your local community?


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