Supporting Local: An Addiction?

I have a strong feeling that the more one dips their toe into the world of supporting local and American businesses the more fixated one becomes.

Honestly – what is there NOT to love?

If there’s one thing in life I absolutely treasure it’s hitting up the farmer’s market on the weekend. Unfortunately the majority of this summer has been so ungodly hot that the last thing I wanted to do on a Saturday morning is melt on the sidewalks. But, I usually dig that stuff.

You know what I love about it? I get to meet the sellers. I hear their stories. I learn about how their corn crop is doing, or how long it took for them to paint a masterpiece. I literally feel their passion as they share their life’s work with me… and I’m pretty sure that passion is contagious.

Over the years I’ve become completely infatuated with supporting handmade artisans and organizations that are both local and made in America. A great example – if I’m buying dog treats and I’m stuck between a Milwaukee-based biz and one that’s manufactured overseas, the “Made Local” voice in my head forces me to buy Milwaukee dog treats (thanks Stella & Chewy’s!).

Are you an addict to local businesses or handmade items too? Share your stories with me…


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