Lost in the shuffle

Not only is it an increasingly difficult environment to compete in with regards to selling quality handmade goods, but popular online mediums are so crowded now that it’s trying to truly standout in the crowd. But in every challenge lies an opportunity.  aftcra recognizes this, and that is why we dedicated our site to handmade goods proudly made by American hands – and American hands only!

Here at aftcra, we recognize that not only is it necessary to exhibit raw talent, but also to exhibit within a medium where your products won’t be easily lost.  The thing is, retail is tough and in general commoditized, which isn’t optimal for the market that artisans like you are trying to address.  There is just too much mass-produced “stuff” in the marketplace today – plenty of it being made outside of the USA. This means the competition for placement of goods is fierce, and the pricing concessions that must be made oftentimes crush the financial rationale for producing the goods in the first place.


My belief is that we make our own luck and set our own trends. Decide to differentiate yourself, and break from the mold of the crowd – it is challenging and a bit uncomfortable, but it’s better to be ahead of the crowd than behind it. Help us, help you; and choose to be highlighted rather than lost in the shuffle.

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