aftcra Artist Meet and Greet: Brian of Mixed Tees

Mixed Tees Interview - aftcra artisan

Summers are full of vintage and graphic tees. It only seems appropriate that we highlight one of our talented American artists – Brian of Mixed Tees. Not only has Mixed Tees been an aftcra member from the near beginning, they have been a great partner and handmade team member for us to rely on for feedback on the website. We’re also complete suckers for their witty tees. Here’s Brian’s story:

Mixed Tees Handmade Graphic Shirt - Wolverine

I am Brian “Danger Zone” Montgomery of Mixed Tees, a handmade screen-print shop where we create all kinds of fun pop-culture geek t-shirts and posters. Mixed Tees’ screen-printing is based out of a small warehouse/creative lab/studio in the middle of Orange County (so we’re made in America!). I’ve been creating cool graphic tees and artwork for roughly 10 years.

Mixed Tees got started like this: we are all huge fans of TV, Movies, Comics, and all things geek (except the Star Wars prequels). Mixed Tees was originally a Web Design service and eventually we added t-shirt design for our web design clients. After learning how to use a silk-screen press and all the craziness that goes along with it, we put our skills to use by creating an e-commerce site and we had loads of fun designing geeky shirts that we liked and thought others might like too. When the graphic tees actually started selling, we were ecstatic and decided to move Mixed Tees towards strictly retail online shirt and poster sales. While it can be difficult to keep up with trends, we are all having a blast doing it and designing awesome stuff.

At Mixed Tees, we create our work by designing the artwork by freehand, adobe illustrator and photoshop. And we get our inspiration by watching a lot of TV and reading Reddit daily.

Brian’s advice for other small businesses:

Mixed Tees Handmade Graphic Shirts

Give every customer the best experience possible and give the best product possible, sales will come eventually so don’t freak out.

Check out more of Mixed Tees graphic tees here.

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