America, The Great

What makes this country so great? I believe it is the people, the collective and creative spirit that brings us together. As Americans, we are always looking ahead to the future. Questioning what’s next and seeking innovation. Our history is rich with ideas that have revolutionized our daily lives.

Here are just a few examples…

 Americans stay connected. You’ve probably looked at it in the last 5 minutes. Yes, I am talking about the smart phone which has become our lifeline to all forms of communication. Heaven forbid you leave home without it! What would you do? While the modern day version has undergone drastic changes, the original cell phone was invented in New York in 1973 by Dr. Martin Cooper. Nearly 100 years before, the first telephone was invented in 1876 in Boston by Alexander Graham Bell. We are always connected thanks to this wonderful technology.

Americans solve problems. It’s been a hot summer! All across the country are record breaking heat waves. Imagine living in this heat without AC! That’s right, the original air conditioning was invented in New York in 1902 by Willis Carrier. Thanks, Willis! We appreciate it more than ever!

Americans think big. Need to get somewhere far away? Depending on the location, you could drive, take a train or possibly a boat. But what if you need to get there as fast as the crow flies? Thanks to the Wright brothers we have that remarkable option. The first airplane was invented in North Carolina in 1903 by Orville and Wilbur Wright. Every time I fly I think it is amazing…I am sitting in a chair, in the sky 35,000 miles above sea level traveling 550 miles per hour. With the ability to fly, the world is truly ours to explore.

While these examples are quite grandiose (to make a point), it all started with an idea and the determination to execute. Our history is the road to our future. We must continue to explore our creative sides and share those talents. That is what we support here at aftcra.

To quote one of my favorite bands, appropriately named “America”, this is a place where “You can do magic, you can do anything that you desire.”



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