Pardon Our Dust: aftcra handmade website redesign

aftcra handmade website redesign











You may have noticed that we have been a little quiet lately and that there haven’t been a ton of changes to aftcra. But there’s a good reason for that. And if you’re registered with aftcra, or you’re an aftcra artist, you already know. The aftcra team has been hard at work creating a brand new website for you with a much-needed handmade website redesign.

Not only will this handmade website redesign provide you with a new look and feel, it will also give all users a better experience. We want to make sure that we can support our American artists today and in the future so we thought, what better way than to invest in the website and ensure that it can be equipped for web suggestions made by our users, growth by both shoppers and artists, and cool new ways to experience handmade goods made in America.

We have had such a great show of support for aftcra and our mission that this big change of a handmade website redesign feels absolutely necessary. But we do want to reiterate that, even though the website is changing, this does not mean that our mission or focus is wavering. We will still maintain the same core elements that we have always had, and we will continue to promote only American handmade artists.

The new handmade website redesign is currently in beta and is being tested by a select group of aftcra artists. So stay tuned for some exciting updates and the new site launch this summer!

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, feel free to email us at anytime at


Cheers to a great summer,


President and Co-Founder, aftcra

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