Mother’s Day Gifts Under $25

Mothers Day Gifts Under $25


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We all love our Mommas, so let’s celebrate their awesomeness by getting them something unique and special without breaking the bank. We pulled together some of our favorite Mother’s Day gifts under $25.00, and we’ll keep adding spectacular finds to appeal to all kinds of Moms out there.

Whether your mom is geeky, preppy, or an all-around badass we think you’re bound to find an interesting gift that would say to her “thanks for always being there for me”.

Do you have a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift under $25.00? Feel free to share it in the comments below!



Mother's Day Gifts Under $25.00 - Tiny Avocado Earrings










1. For the Healthy Mom: Tiny Avocado Earrings 
Handmade in California by Tiny Food
View the Tiny Avocado Earrings
Price: $22.00



Mothers Day Gifts Under 25 - Coral Leather Cuff









2. For the Edgy Mom: Coral Leather Cuff Bracelet
Handmade in South Carolina by Once Again Sam.
View the Coral Leather Cuff Bracelet
Price: $20.00



Mothers Day Gifts Under 25 - Family Established Sign


3. For the Family-Loving Mom: Custom Family Established Sign
Handmade in X by Simply Said Designs
View the Custom Family Established Sign
Price: $24.00



Mothers Day Gift Ideas Under 25 - Cat Lady Tee Hipster












4. For the Cat Owning Mom: Cat Lover Hipster Tee 
Handmade in Florida by The Feline Boutique
View the Cat Lover Hipster Tee

Price: $24.00



Mothers Day Gifts Under 25 - Silver and Copper Necklace












5. For the Sentimental Mom: Silver and Copper Initial Necklace
Handmade in Oregon by Silver Pirate
View the Silver and Copper Initial Necklace
Price: $24.00



Mothers Day Gifts Under 25 - yellow leather bow cuff


6. For the Sweet Mom: A Yellow Leather Bow Bracelet
Handmade in Idaho by Forgotten Cotton
View the A Yellow Leather Bow Bracelet

Price: $16.00



Mothers Day Gifts Under 25 - Thankful Stamped Keychain










7. For Your Mother-in-Law: Grateful Stamped Keychain
Handmade in Ohio by Enchanted Objects
View the Grateful Stamped Keychain
Price: $14.00



Mothers Day Gifts Under 25 - English Major Coffee Cup











8. For the English Major Mom: English Major Cup of Coffee
Handmade in New York by Silver Spider Print Shop
View the English Major Cup of Coffee
Price: $16.00



Mothers Day Gifts Under 25 - Ouija Board Necklace










9. For the Ghost-Obsessed: Ouija Board Necklace
Handmade in Illinois by Monster Brand
View the Ouija Board Necklace
Price: $12.00



Mothers Day Gifts Under 25 - Bar Stud Earrings












10. For the Simple Mom: Bar Stud Earrings
Handmade in Indiana by Studio Jewel
View the Bar Stud Earrings
Price: $24.00


Mothers Day Gift Ideas Under 25











11.  For the Cool Mom, or Mean Girls fan: I’m a Cool Mom Coffee Cup
Handmade in New York by Silver Spider Print Shop
View the I’m a Cool Mom Coffee Cup
Price: $15.00



Philadelphia Map Coaster













12.   For the Hometown Lover: A Set of 2 Map Coasters
Handmade in Milwaukee by Salvaged Studio

View the city map coasters for you: Milwaukee Map Coasters, Philadelphia Map Coasters, Los Angeles Map Coaster ($10), San Francisco Map Coaster ($10)
Price: $15.00


Dainty Pear Family Initial Brag Necklace Mothers Day Gift












13.  For the Proud Momma: Family Initial Necklace / Brag Necklace
Handmade in the USA by The Dainty Pear
View the Family Initial Necklace / Brag Necklace
Price: $22.00



Decorative Wooden Doily Coaster









14.   For the Proper Mom: Colorful Wooden Doily Coaster
Handmade in Indiana by Uncommon Handmade
View the Colorful Wooden Doily Coaster
Price: $10.00


State Made Tee












15.  For the State Loving Ma: State “Made” Tee
Handmade in the USA by Seven Miles per Second
View the State “Made” Tee
Price: $23.00


Mothers Day Gifts on a Budget







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