aftcra Re-launches with New Handmade Website

aftcra launches new handmade website at www.aftcra.comaftcra team has been creating a new handmade website for American made goods that not only boasts a fresh design but an improved user-experience for both aftcra artists and shoppers. This launch provides users with a website that offers improved functionality (i.e. easier product upload process for artists, enhanced artist shop pages, clearer purchase process for shoppers), optimized site SEO, as well as a cleaner back-end platform that allows for an easier addition of any future enhancements.

While the website re-launches aftcra, the team asks for your patience as we identify any potential bugs or errors that may have been missed during the testing phase with the new handmade website, aftcra. We also encourage you to let us know if you find anything that isn’t working correctly by emailing us at Please note: all current users will need to reset their password in order to access their accounts for security measures.

The aftcra team has always put the aftcra community (whether it be handmade admirers or makers) first. Because of that, the aftcra team has not made any adjustments to aftcra’s business model or the mission of the organization; the only website for individuals looking to buy handmade goods made in America. Although no upcoming adjustments are planned, the aftcra team guarantees that any changes that occur to aftcra’s business model or aftcra’s mission will be clearly shared with all users in advance of execution.

The aftcra team would like to give a big thanks to all of you for your support, patience and feedback. The team has truly appreciated hearing from you, and your support has helped us mold the site into what our artists and shoppers are looking for.

aftcra is excited to continue to be the only place where you can buy and sell American handmade goods.  Looking forward to this new and improved (and exciting) chapter with you.

– the aftcra team

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